Graft Estimation

Graft Estimation How Many Grafts Will Be Needed? Several variables determine the number of grafts necessary to fulfill your restoration needs.

* How much hair has been lost?
* What is the density of your donor area?
* What is your hair color and how does it contrast with your skin color?
* What is your perception and realistic expectation?
* Lastly, how does your budget match your desired level of hair restoration?

Male pattern hair loss is a common situation in which men experience thinning of the hair on the scalp. This often results in a hairline that is receding and balding to the top of the head. The beginning of these changes can start for men as early as their 20's. Physicians believe male pattern hair loss is dependent on hormonal effects and is due to heredity. The correct terminology for this type of hair loss is called androgentic alopecia

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