Graft Counting Estimate

How Many Grafts Do I Need?

Without knowing the exact size of the desired transplant area, we may not be able to tell you the accurate number of grafts and the cost to you. Please follow the instructions to calculate the transplant area.

Please prepare the following items to measure the coverage area of your bald spot:

A china marker or an eyebrow pencil.

Plastic saran wrap.

A NHT Measuring System.

Follow the steps to measure your bald area:

Draw the area that you wish to cover with the marker.

Trace the line onto the plastic food wrap.

Place the plastic food wrap over the NHT Measuring System and count the number of small squares. (One small square = 1 cm2.)

Fill out the On-Line Consultation Form. Please fill in the online consultation form. You will be able to receive the size we have to harvest, the number of grafts, and price, and even the density you should be able to expect after one surgery

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