Body hair transplant which is also known as BHT is the type of hair transplantation in which the hairs from other parts of body are transplanted to head. This technique is only used on persons who don’t have enough hairs on their heads to get the desired output of hair transplantation, in those cases surgeon at Hair Club uses the method of BHT in which hairs can be taken from Legs, Chest, Arms, Back, armpits or from your face.

In body hair transplant the body of person becomes the donor area for hair transplant in which Body hairs are removed using the same FUE technique then the individual hair grafts are transplanted at the bald area of scalp. Body hair transplant technique is used for patients who have insufficient hairs on the back side of head, the reasons for less hairs may be normal hair loss, previous hair transplant, or any natural effect.

The main difference between a Body hair transplant and traditional hair transplant is that in BHT the donor area is extended to whole body. BHT is used by hair transplant surgeons in the cases where the donor area of head (Back Side of Head) is not dense enough for FUE.

The person for BHT must fulfill certain conditions to proceed into the process, these includes the suitability of hairs to be used as head hairs, the type of skin, the depth of hair follicle under the skin and the thickness of hairs along with structure (Wavy, Curly, Straight). So it is necessary for the doctor to have perfect skills and high experiences to get the successful results of BHT, the following factors are very important in these regards Obtaining a natural hairline Accurate extraction of hairs from donor area Correct preparation of follicular units Making the storage of extracted grafts error free Using high skills in hair transplant and avoiding the damage of graft.



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