I wanted my hairline to look totally undetectable as I had seen transplanted hairlines of some my other colleagues like Rahim Shah(Singer) & Humanyoun Naz, who had their Hair Transplant from some other clinic. But when I saw the hair line transplant result of Nauman Ejaz it was breathtakingly natural even on extreme close-up. I could not judge that Nauman had a transplanted Hairline until he himself told me about Dr. Muhammad Nasir Rashid & FUE Hair Transplant Pakistan (HCI). I had diffuse Hair Loss on quite a big area & I needed thick density of hair as we have to work under strong lights & sometimes in wet conditions, therefore, I opted for C.A.T procedure along with the hairline surgery, as full surgery would never had fulfilled my needs. If you are under 40 & your Hair Loss is more then 40-50% of your head area, then I would strongly suggest you also to go for combination transplant instead of full surgery.

Faisal Qureshi (Tv Star) Hair System User

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