Business Opportunities

Franchise Opportunity

Franchise - Equity & Value The Brand .............. Equity & Value

Over the last ten (10) years, HCI has been following very aggressive advertising policy and strategy involving huge budgets. According to a rough estimate the National & International advertising expense on FUE Hair Transplant Pakistan (HCI) brand in the last decade exceeds $ 1.5 millions U.S.D (apx. 100 million Pak Rupees) making it the most valuable brand in the hair industry of the Region.

Decade of Experience 10 Year success story of FUE Hair Transplant Pakistan told by the National Print Media

The Brand .............. Publicity & Public Relations

HCI's Innovative Business approach, State-of-the-Art technology, Strategic marketing & Celebrity rich client base has attracted a lot of attention of the Press & Media which resulted in extensive Free Publicity for FUE Hair Transplant Pakistan Brand over the last decade of years. The Benefit & Value added to the Brand due to this is immeasurable in monetary terms.

Franchise - Expertise & Distinctions

The Brand .............. Expertise & Distinctions

Highly Diverse, Versatile And Thorough Professional,
Technical & Managerial Knowledge & Experience